Is this Social Media’s answer to World War 2? This Facebook feed created by an unknown source, shows an informal (& inaccurate) view of World War 2 relations. (Originally found on College Humor)

World War 2 on Facebook

What’s wrong with it? Well… lots actually.

Theres heaps wrong with this post, it isn’t the most accurate to say the least. To name a few:

1. That’s not the German flag used during this particular period of time.
2. Italy did not like the annexation of Austria. That hurt relations between Germany and Italy.
3. Czechoslovakia was annexed but Hungary was not. Hungary was an ally of the Germans during the war.
4. It’s not Holland, it’s The Netherlands.
5. The US were friends with the UK and China long before 1941. The US were supporting the war effort in China since the 1930’s, not the mention the land-lease deals with the UK, France, and the USSR.
6. I could go on & on, but it’s pointless.