Trading is arguably one of the highest paid incomes out there. Per minute, you can make hundreds.

In this post, I’ll share my experience of trading with an online Bitcoin CFD broker called over the past 6 months.

Why do I trade using Bitcoins instead of currency?

The challenge with traditional trading is that you need to transfer your cash and wait for it to clear. Normally with a broker, and most of the time there are fees involved along with a slow process time. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin are changing the way we trade. Provided you have Bitcoin, you could be trading in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, trading when Bitcoin as your currency you also benefit from the fact that no account is required, no ID is required and your personal details remain anonymous.

Over the past six months. 85% of my trades have produced a return.  Below, anything in the Proft/Loss column in blue is a positive trade.

Day trading.

Most people believe that wins/losses are made by holding stocks over a long period of time. For the most part this is true however you could be waiting a long time. Instead, I like to bet smaller movements set with limits.

Instead, I like to trade based on expected volatility and set limits within a particular range. That means instead of holding a long-term trade (and hoping it will come in) you bet on the smaller movements with a higher frequency of trading.

Sounds time-consuming doesn’t it?

Wrong. Good home/solo traders have one thing in common; they set limits then go about their day.

According to the pros, this behaviour is essential to profitable day trading. Think about it like this; you would be much richer if you spend 2 minutes setting a trade, walking away and earning $30 than if you stare at your screen for 60 minutes and make $60. If it’s a small trade, you want to be in and out!

To get started, get yourself some BTC, then sign up to and transfer some funds.

Good luck!