Isn’t it truly fascinating how quickly a story take dominated discussions on Social Media? Will & Kate did it again. The story of Kate’s labour spread like a fanned wildfire!

But how are we going to manage and process #topics in the future? When taking into the breadth of content we create and consume the conversations are going to be truly phenomenal! Will we be using hashtags outside of Social Media? I hope so.

#RoyalBaby Twitter Mentions 2013

The UK & US dominated discussions around the #RoyalBaby.

More than 200 Tweets featuring ‘Kate’ and ‘labour’ were posted every minute within moments of the announcement. The visualisation above shows the use of the ‘#royalbaby’ hash-tag across the world. According to 9 News, It’s the first time the birth of a British monarch has been covered on social media and the online trends aren’t expected to slow until we know his name.

Multi-platform #tags?

Last month saw the release of Facebook hashtags. Some may disagree, but I think Google has been using #’s for a while. However it was only originally used to process topics on micro-blogging services. Now I’m starting to believe that Google can (&  is) capable of processing #’s across all type of content; web, video, audio etc. After all, Google would only need find the content, detect an #, work out the authors credability and then theme the data.

Look at the search results for #RoyalBaby. Everything is there. Even sites that don’t necessarily use the #RoyalBaby

Do we need this?? Google’s mission is to organise the worlds information right? Going to Twitter and search #RoyalBaby isn’t going to give me the most credible and trust information. It will only give us chronological results. The we group our information has changed. We need a way of processing it differently. This is were we need a sophisticated relationship processing algorithm like Google. It knows who the influences are; what media I like to consume, how stay up to date & more importantly its diversity features mean it can remain fairly unbiased.

So… will we see a multi-platform non-social media #hashtag soon? I really hope we do. Personally, I’d love to see it integrated into native HTML code where it would automatically be picked up by browsers / search engines / social sites and not ‘owned’ by one particular entity.

Update: See how Google Trends is using “search” data to provide timely summaries. It would be great if the use of topical trends / #hashtags from social media could also be factored into this system too.