A week or 2 ago Samsung released a video to coincide with the new iPhone 5 launch. You may have seen it; it’s titled “The Next big Thing Is Already Here“.  Samsung were indeed clever with their angle & timing of this video, but with it are they making a mockery of their target market, the current iPhone users, by potentially insulting them?

Watch this video below…

For me, it feels like Samsung is “rubbing noses-in-it” rather than re-educating. This approach feels very risky. Surly the objective should be win over trust of potential customers rather than taking the micky out of them? Sure the video has generated 16M views & a lot of commentary, but from an outsiders perspective I feel that it’s quite simply a childish & very brash approach. As a boy, I remember my own mother used to say: “Bad mouthing competition is frowned upon because it a makes you look un-professional”.

On the flip-side, the conversations taking place in this video are certainly very real. In the lead to the release you would frequently hear similar discussions around the office.

It’s just my POV. At least it’s a “viral” video and not a proper campaign. I suppose in a world where Apple dominates the market share of Smartphones, companies are inevitably going to step outside traditional education methods with the aim of clawing some of that market share back. I just feel that the use of these “real world conversations” wasn’t exactly executed in an entirely tactful way.

If I were to do things differently, I would probably have thought more around the opportunities to celebrate these differences collaboratively rather than to parade them.