The Facebook like button has been with us now for 3 months, in that time its spread to millions of websites & subsequently boosted forwarding traffic & the number of back links pointing to Facebook.Great success I’m sure you’ll agree.

[Update: Its appearing on here already for some of you]

New Facebook Like Button Vs Old Like Button

Now, in August 2010, Facebook announce a new, “slimmer, lighter & faster” version of the like button. As you can see in the screenshot above, the new Facebook Like button (below) now has the like count on the right side of the actual button in its own smaller box. When a users clicks on the new Like button, it brings the number inside the actual Like box, as pretty small change.

Other observations, the new Like button now looks to be the same size as both the Google Buzz and new Official Twitter Tweet buttons. The new button also makes it harder for users to accidentally “un-like” something, because in order to do so you’ll need to hover over the “thumb icon” to bring up an undo link. Great news!

When will it be rolled out?

A Facebook representative for TechCrunch said:

We’ve begun rolling out new variations of the Like button to make it more seamless for people to like content and share it with their friends. We’ll have additional details to share in the coming weeks.

Lets just hope we won’t need to make any modifications to existing code. 🙂