This morning I noticed even more Facebook changes! They’vehave rolled out a major redesign of the “Groups” section & are supporting group chat with ability to see who is online within the group.

Facebook Group Chat

As you can see from the image above, you can be prompted by users to join groups. Once joined, you’ll be able to subscribe to notifications from either individual activity or from the entire group (which can be turned off if you find this annoying). You’ll also notice you can now chat with users who are in a group, even if you aren’t friends with them! A pretty cool feature, however I have a few concerns about security as surely this chat system is open to spam.

New Facebook Groups

Groups now also allows user to collaborate in the creation of documents. Just like Google Wave / Google Docs. Are Facebook moving towards online document publishing? They are kind-of scaring me now. Facebook is charging forward at an unstoppable pace. What do I want to see next? Facebook pages in search results!
Facebook Documents in Groups