You can make money 24/7 with just your PC/MAC and 1 piece of simple software.

No programming required.
No complicated process.
Almost none time required.
And a fair 1% fee is all that is deducted .

Best thing is.. its painfully simple.
I’ve been doing this for 9 months now and I’ll show you how.


How does it work?

There a literally 100’s of digital currencies out there – 702 to be precise.
Some are worth serious cash, others are growing.
All of which can be created using computers through a process known as mining.
A process where you donate your programming power to create a new coin.

When a new coin is created, a share is given to each of the computers that contributed to it.
The more powerful your computer, the larger share you are given.

Until recently, this process was pretty much for geeks only.
It required extensive technical knowledge, late nights & lots of headaches.
Which means it was out of reach for us regular folk.

How do I mine?

Enter, MinergateMinergate-logo-small
It’s essentially software that manages the entire mining process for you.
It can even switch between different types of digital coins to ensuring maximum profits.

Sign up here.
Then go to the downloads section and select the software suitable for you PC/Mac

Once installed, it is really simple to get mining.

Login. Then select ‘smart mining’ and your computer will soon start producing crypto currency.

How much can I earn?

It really depends on the power of your computer – the fast, the better.
If you have a new PC or a Gaming PC, then its likely you will earn more.
This is because you will likely have a CPU as well as a GPU – a gaming card.

Your only overhead is electricity.
If you’re a student living halls, then that probably not an issue for you.

Where does my money go?

It’s stored in your Minergate online wallet.
You can withdraw it if you like, but it’s much simpler to keep your coins here.



Ok.. but, you said Bitcoins?

Yes, and no matter what coin you mine, you can see your equivalent balance in BTC at the top of your Minergate dashboard. You can easily convert any crypto coin into Bitcoin. However, do be mindful that the value of individual crypto currencies changes on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Thanks, but what’s in it for you?

Two things:

  1. I truly believe in digital currency and want more people to see its potential
  2. I get a small bonus 2% fee from Minergate which helps cover my hosting