Most people know exactly who David Attenborough is & what he’s famous for. He’s produced some the best natural documentaries the world as ever seen. One of his more recent documentaries is “How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth“, which is an in-depth study into population growth in relation to the resources available to Humanity on planet Earth.

There is clear evidence that states that at the current rate of growth (2 extra people every second), humanity will reach its maximum population of 15.1 Billion people in the latter half of the century, that’s in our lifetime! As I’m sure you can imagine, sentiment about this program is mixed, and although this program answers several questions, it certainly creates a whole heap more.

How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth

David Attenborough - How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth

Watch How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth in Full

Given most of my readers are outside of the UK, BBCi restrictions mean you won’t be able to watch one of David Attenborough‘s most controversial documentaries in its entirety. However, YouTube has the program in 6 parts, collated below. I highly recommend all should watch this program. It’s insightful, inspirational but also sadly depressing in some respects.

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