Unlike Facebook, Google+ currently focuses on gaining more users & increasing page views. Facebook no longer needs to worry about these goals anymore – it’s not its infancy when compared to Google.

To promote Google+, Google has concentrated on leveraging its owned assets – giving little or no attention to paid & earned channels. We’ve seen a revamp of the Google homepage, a Google wide top-navigation banner, +1 in search results & even Google+ sharing buttons – all giving prominence to the Google+ Social Network.

The latest update comes to Adsense. I received the email below from the Adsense team stating; Google will start rolling out the +1 button to both text and banner advertising creative’s. Something I hoped Facebook do a long time ago – so much so that I made a “like” button enabled banner.


In the next month, we’ll introduce the +1 button and personal recommendations to display ads. The +1 button will begin to appear on AdSense for Content and AdSense for Mobile Content display ad formats — image, animated gif, and Flash. +1s will be one additional signal to help determine an ad’s relevance and we’ll continue to show the ads that will generate the most revenue for you.

We previously launched the +1 button on Google search and for publisher sites to make it easier for people to share and discover content across the web. Soon, your users will be able to endorse specific ads and make the ads more likely to appear to their social connections. We believe that these recommendations could help your readers notice ads on your site more, leading to higher returns for you over time.

If you prefer not to show the +1 buttons on display ads on your pages, you can opt out in your account. For more information please visit the Inside AdSense blog.


The Google AdSense team

Kudos Google.