Lately, I keep on noticing dwindling organic results in SERPS above the page fold high traffic search terms. Why would Google do this? Well, I think it’s clearly conversion optimisation isn’t it? Fewer organic distractions = more clicks on paid ads.

To top it off, they are coming up with even more cockier ways of getting you to click on paid search adds. Is Google getting too greedy? I think so. Below you’ll see a screen shot of the SERPS I received when I searched for Car Rental in Google Australia.

Google Organic Results Taken OVer By Paid Search

Google Organic Results Taken Over By Paid Search

Is there any point in this?

That’s 8 paid adds vs 2 organic above the fold. Look, I don’t really have a problem with addition of useful things to SERPs, but what I don’t like is dam right uselessness like “Looking for local results for car rental?”. Google, even if was looking for local results you could of easily served me geographical result, or at least local maps. Is there any real need to ask me to type my post code in?

What happens when you actually do type in your post code, guess?

You’re shown yet another set of search results, except this instead standard organic results above the fold, you get a block of 10 Google maps….

Wonder what’s next? Well, i’ve already seen an additional ad block above the regular 3, making that 4 creative’s in the top spots. FYI, the additional block is funnily enough called a “sponsored link”.

Rant over…