You may of heard of Google TV, which is a cross between a Search Engine and TV. Now Google has launched a Google TV website dedicated to telling us all the nitty gritty details about what can expect when the new Web Tv system goes live at the end of this year.
Google TV Website

To get Google TV you will need either a SmartTV (Internet Ready TV) like Sony’s New nternet TV pr a set-top-box like the Logitech Revue. However, don’t get too excited, Google TV isn’t out just yet, but a release is looking likely before Christmas 2010.

What is Google TV?

This lovely YouTube video explains Google TV clear as day.

What Will The UI Look like?

Google TV Homescreen

The new Google TV viewing experience looks as though it will be divided into verticals, I.e. Sports, Drama etc, allowing users to easily segregate their favourite programs into an easy to view list. In terms of TV networks it looks as though Google is aiming high. The new Google TV website is showing logos from CNN, TBS, CNBC and even HBO on the preview screen. Does this mean they have licensing arrangements already? I’m personally wondering about the BBC, what will they do?

If its TV meets Search does this mean more PPC?

I think we’re going to see more and more pay per click adverts appearing on a variety of platforms / marketing channels. Personally, its great to see Google trying to re-invent the TV here and monetize it. To top it off, at least we know theres another ad network our paid search friends can advertise on.

Google TV & SEO?

In terms of Google TV and SEO, say hello to yet another Vertical that open to optimisation. If Google TV is going to be driven by search then a ranking algorithm will be in place. So long as there is a ranking algorithm then producers will want to optimise their content for visibility. As Randfish of SEOmoz said last year, 2010 will see more and more verticals of search appearing, this is just one of them.