Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to search Google without being displayed a blended result – i.e. you are shown rich media such as Video, Images, Twitter feeds etc.

When performing the search”Facebook Places“, I noticed a pretty busy blended SERP with news results, Twitter feed & to my astonishment I also noticed the new “Google Trends” widget at the bottom informing me that the hotness of Facebook Places was “Spicy”, neat huh? Not sure how new this is, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it, let alone heard of it.

Google Trends In Search Results

The coolest thing about the “Trends Widget” is the time graph, which shows users an hourly plot of how popular there search topic is. I checked back a few hours later and saw that the level of hotness had dropped to a Mild level.

Google Trends Hottness = Mild

What does this mean for SEO? Well, there’s yet another item on the SERPS that distracts users from clicking organic links, but on the other hand it quickly helps SEO’s (who are marketers) quickly identify the intensity of trending topics.

I was relieved to notice that even with the extra widget there are still 10 spots for Organic results. which again, I guess is good news for us SEO’s, for now at least.