Google continues show off its interpretative skills with the introduction of context citations next to search suggestions. The screenshot below shows how a search for ‘Jindabyne’ now shows two small extensions; 2006 Film & Town in Australia.

Google search suggestions with context


What triggers context on suggestions?

Trends, trends and more trends. Google is always testing the quality of search results, it monitors the change in click patterns & ‘return-to-search’ rates for varied SERPs. This gives Google a better understanding of what users believe IS a correct result. Occasionally, Google may find that users are almost 50/50 split in terms what a ‘correct’ result is. This is becomes a problem for Google as it is faced with a user experience challenge; “Do I provide a search result which is right for the majority or the minority?”¬†Adding context to search suggestions negates the need for Google to answer this riddle. ¬†Pretty cool I reckon!