As Facebook strives to improve it’s ever growing platform they make frequent usability and functionality updates, including User Interface (UI) changes. The latest change is to Facebook Chat with the introduction of “Chat Thumbnails” and apparently some stability tweaks.

Facebook Chat Thumbnail Update

I mentioned in a previous post that Facebook would be rolling out some drastic changes to the IM functionality, and as a result the new changes would no longer support Internet Explorer 6. It looks as though this is the case, as a few friends have reported via their status “Facebook Chat isn’t working :@”

Facebook officially announced these changes some weeks back, however to my knowledge today is the first time I’ve seen them. In a blog post Facebook said:

We know you want Chat to be hassle-free and uninterrupted. In the coming weeks, we will be making important improvements in the way connections are established and messages are sent, so that Chat will be much more stable for you and your friends.

I think it’s great that Facebook are dedicating time to improving Facebook Chat as it is quickly becoming the preferred communication method for Facebook users. However, I don’t really see the benefit in showing 2-way thumbnails in the Chat timeline, I mean, what was wrong with the old layout?