They’re at it again – more UI updates from Facebook! The latest modification is the introduction of rich media previews content lined from within comments – smart.

facebook link previews

As Kevin (Nerdfreak) demonstrates above it’ super easy, all you need to do is paste your link to the comment box. Don’t worry if you aren’t seeing the change yet – Facebook are still rolling this out.

Why do this?

When Facebook makes a user interface update it usually for 2 key reasons; 1) Improve user experience & 2) To make them more money. It’s obvious this update improves user experience, but how will this change make Facebook more money I hear you ask?

Well, in my opinion Facebook is an ecosystem right. Facebook generally prefers that people around within that eco system. Let’s just say for arguments sake that 1billion links are shared a day on Facebook – that’s a lot of people leaving the eco system. We’re all short of time these days – I believe this modification to links gives users the information they need quicker which subsequently helps reduce the need for users to leave Facebook. Google do a similar thing – they try to gives users instant answers to search queries without the need to leave Google.