Will Facebook Questions be open to Search Engines?

You may or may not of heard about Facebook’s new “Questions” feature. Basically it allows you to post a question to either your friends or publicly. Neat huh!

Facebook Questions and SEO Search

When I heard about it, the first thing I thought about was Search. To my astonishment, Facebook Questions will not be accessible to search engines, yet anyway.

When asked about search engine accessibility on the new “Questions” platform Facebook said:

Currently, search engines cannot access questions and answers through our Questions product. That may be something we consider for the future but have no current plans to allow it.

Currently, Facebook is blocking search engines by only showing “Questions” to logged-in users. Sure enough, a site:facebook.com/questions/ command on Google shows only a handful of results, none of which are actually Questions or Answers from the first 24 hours that the beta has been open.

Your thoughts? Do you think brands will be able to use Facebook Questions in their social media marketing campaigns? I do!