I, like many other Aussies, got a lovely email from Facebook this morning kindly informing me that Facebook places is now live and kicking in Australia! Which is great news considering places was only rolled out in the US 6 weeks ago.

Heres what the Facebook email said:

Great news! You may have heard that we launched Facebook Places in the US on August 18, 2010. Since then we have worked to make it more widely available and are very happy to announce its availability to you and our users in Australia. Facebook Places will continue to roll out to more countries and other mobile platforms in the future.

Facebook Places is a new function that allows users to share where they are and discover interesting places nearby. Facebook Places also allows businesses to establish Places (physical store locations) on Facebook and then encourage patrons to share where they are by “checking in” to their Place. Check-in stories can generate powerful, organic impressions in friends’ News Feeds, extending your brand’s reach to many potential new customers.

My self and the other guys at Switched On Media thought we’d make our first “check in ” at work. How sad of us….
Facebook Places Australia

You should now be able to use Facebook Places in Australia on the Web Platform, Touch Facebook or Via the iPhone app (I’ve heard nothing of “Places” for the Facebook Android App as yet. If you can’t see Facebook Places yet will be rolled out to you soon.