After a couple of months of running a click bait website I found that Facebook drove on average 85% of traffic – which is a huge deal. I found that posts where I had taken the time to craft that perfect news feed listing were the ones which received the most amount of comments, likes and most importantly shares. Successful ‘clickbait’ in Facebook (external links which go viral) depends on a multitude of factors but in my opinion the key 3 are:

  • A vague yet captivating title – creating curiosity
  • A cryptic excerpt summary – if read, it creates further ‘wonder’
  • An attractive/vague but well-formatted image – grabs the users attention whilst they’re in scroll mode.

Getting Facebook Posts Pixel-perfect

Facebook recently rolled out some design changes which have affected the size of the image shown for external links. The image used below is determined by OpenGraph tags, specifically the og:image tag – getting this looking attractive and eye catchy is critical to success.

Upworthy Optimised Clickbait Post


Facebook gets the data for these tags from your website – if you use OG tags that is. If you don’t Facebook makes its own mind up. If you take the time to design a separate image for your og:image tag (like BuzzFeed & UpWorthy do) then you are one step closer to a more attractive and potentially more successful clickbait post.

Og:Image Size Template

The following images are can serve as useful, optimised templates for community mangers and editors. They are the exact size (pixel width) to ensure maximum coverage in the Facebook news feed. Download these to your computer.

External Link Opengraph Image Size: 470 x 245

Facebook Open Graphic Click Bait Pixel Szie

Facebook Photograph image Size: 470 x 245