If you haven’t seen your Facebook friends “Wayne Rooney” status update yet, you probably will soon. Over the past 48 hours thousands of people of all ages, not just football fans, have expressed their disgust about Wayne Rooney’s new salary by posting this angry message as their Facebook status.

Wayne Rooney Facebook Status

“24 year old Wayne Rooney earns £250,000 per week! That amount of money will pay 10 British soldiers for a year… He makes front page news for all the wrong reasons. British soldiers only make front page news when they pay the ultimate sacrifice. Rooney needs to remember just how …insignificant he is in the greater scheme of things!!!… If you think Rooney is selfish (and a k***) copy and paste to your profile!”

Wayne Rooney Facebook Status Hate

Will you be copy and pasting the Anti Wayne Rooney message to your Facebook status?