A web domain providers website is probably one of the last you’d expect to be hacked. Not Crazy Domains though. Today, 11/03/2014, The entire crazydomains.com.au domain is compromised and is forwarding to the webs page below.


Message shown on Hacked CrazyDomains.com.au website

An angry ex-customer has taken one of the most extreme revenge attacks possible after claiming to have lost several web domains as a result of unknown complications.

From the language used it looks as though the person has tried to resolve the issue through the probably channels. I guess those routes failed.

The message read as follows

are you shocked?but don’t be.
this crazydomains had deleted all my domains for not providing proof of payment source for THE DOMAIN RENEWAL.
i lost all my premium domains,personal domains,personal email,etc. i asked them serveral times to restore my domains but they asked me to pay $140 for each domain.
now i dont need any domains i am almost dead in the net world.

why should only i feel hurted?
now time for craydomains group to feel some pain in their ass.
a painful customer [id:M3051791] of crazydomains.

What do you think? Is this fair as a last resort? What would you have done?