ASOS, one of the UK’s online leading retailers, has confirmed they are launching a fully transactional store within Facebook by the end of January.

Asos Facebook Commerce Page

James Hart, the ASOS ecommerce director, said:

“We have millions of visits and millions of pounds coming from Facebook to ASOS. At the moment the Facebook shop doesn’t have real targets as such but in theory fewer clicks and barriers to purchase should mean greater conversions. We’ll have to see if it does lead to increased sales.”

It’s very interesting to hear James Harts speak specifically on conversion rates – I think the theory of fewer on-site clicks is true, but given that Facebook Marketing can be seen as an interruption platform (when compared to search), will ASOS be paying more to get each potential customer to their Facebook page? I suppose leading from that we could also ask; Will they be driving traffic to the Facebook page from outside channels like Adwords, YouTube or even SEO? Can you even SEO a Facebook based commerce system?