My thoughts on the the heavily rumored 9pin connection interface for the iPhone 5. Post on Facebook can be seen here…

Hi Apple,


I’m glad you have a sustatinabilty prolicy for your products. When you choose to use such precious materials in your products it is your is your responsibility to have one.


However, The rumors of your next iPhone point heavily towards a new handset connector – a new 9 pin vs the old 30 pin version. I wonder if this is the most sustainable choice.


Was this a sustainable & noble choice?


I’m concerned about the millions of third party devices that are created by manufacturers in-line with your product that may now simply go to waste. This would be a complete waste of the worlds resources such as plastic, gold plated connectors, copper. The list goes on.


Although the company may want to be sustainable, I feel it should be your responsibility to think more broadly about the decisions you have made in relation to hardware changes. If true, this tiny change will massive repercussions around the globe. Imagine the USB socket changed tomorrow.


As an influential compnay, with huge reach and fan base I feel it is your duty to think carefully about these decisions. Do we truely need this new socket?